Opening Session

Inaugural Roger Glass Lecture – Fulfilling the promise of rotavirus vaccines – Roger Glass

Session I: Rotavirus Surveillance and Policy

WHO Update on rotavirus vaccines – Fatima Serhan

Age at rotavirus disease in children, and the impact of delayed vaccination – Colin Sanderson

Differences in regional distribution of rotavirus burden – Jackie Tate

Surveillance in Action – AFRO – Jason Mwenda

Surveillance in Action – Nepal – Jyoti Ratna Dhakhwa

Surveillance in Action – China – Duan Zhaojun

Session II: Updates on Rotavirus Epidemiology and Natural History

Natural history studies in Indian birth cohort – Gagandeep Kang

Viral load and severity of rotavirus infection – Eric Houpt

Intussusception in Asia – what is known – Julie Bines

Modeling the impact of rotavirus immunization on epidemiology and disease – Ben Lopman

Rotavirus Host Range Restriction and Innate Immunity: Mechanisms of Vaccine Attenuation – Harry Greenberg

Session III: Rotavirus Vaccination

Distributional impact of rotavirus vaccination in GAVI eligible countries: Estimating disparities in benefits and cost-effectiveness –  Rick Rheingans

Risk-benefit analysis of rotavirus vaccine immunization – Manish Patel

The third dose – impact in developing countries of Africa and Asia – Duncan Steele

Clinical Development of the RV3 Neonatal Rotavirus Vaccine – Julie Bines

Session IV: Impact of Rotavirus Vaccination in Early Adopter Countries

Impact of rotavirus vaccination on all cause diarrhoeal mortality in Mexico – Edgar Sanchez-Uribe

Progress with rotavirus vaccine immunization in Latin America and the Caribbean – Lucia de Oliveira

Long term impact of rotavirus vaccines in the USA – Umesh Parashar

Impact of rotavirus vaccination in South Africa – Nicola Page Impact of rotavirus vaccination in Israel – Ron Dagan

Late Breaker –Vaccine Effectiveness Study in Bangladesh – K. Zaman

Session V: Current and Future Rotavirus Vaccines

Update by the current rotavirus vaccine manufacturers

Merck – Michelle Goveia

GSK – Bernd Benninghoff

Update by the new & future rotavirus vaccine manufacturers

Bharat Biotech – Sai Prasad Biofarma – Adrianajak Adriansjah

Shantha – Mandeep Dhingra

Phase 2b immunogenicity study of the tetravalent rhesus reassortant rotavirus vaccine in Ghana – George Armah

National development and licensure of a human monovalent rotavirus vaccine (Rotavin) in Vietnam – Nguyen Trang

Results From The Phase 1 Trial of RV3-BB: A Human Neonatal Rotavirus Vaccine – Margie Danchin

Inactivated rotavirus vaccines – Baoming Jiang

Session VI: New Insights in Rotavirus Pathogenesis and Immunity

Interaction between rotavirus VP8* and type A histo-blood group antigen – B.V. Prasad

Correlates of protection for rotavirus infection and disease – Manual Franco

Correlates of efficacy for human rotavirus vaccines: value of anti-rotavirus immunoglobulin A antibody concentrations – Htay Htay Han

Review of rotavirus immunogenicity data from clinical trials – Manish Patel

Use of human vs bovine rotavirus strains to quantify rotavirus vaccine immunogenicity – Anu Paul

Session VII: New Insights in strain diversity

Genotype constellation of epidemiologically important human rotaviruses – Jelle Matthijnssens

Can complete genome analyses explain the high vaccine efficacy of RotaTeq™ against African G8 rotavirus strains? – Elisabeth Heylen

Evidence of reassortment among Brazilian P[8]G1 group A rotavirus strains and Rotarix® vaccine circulating in Brazil – Jose Paulo Leite

The circulating rotavirus strains in Africa from 2009 to 2011 – LM Seheri

Vaccine-derived NSP2 segment in rotaviruses from vaccinated children with gastroenteritis in Nicaragua – John Patton

Session VIII: Translating Science Into Policy: What are the key remaining hurdles to introduction of rotavirus vaccines in Asia?

Advocacy session – Rota Council

Economic analysis for evidence-based policy-making on a national immunization program – Arthorn Riewpaiban

Perspective from the Ministry of Heath, Philippines – Eric Tayag