Block 1: Influenza surveillance in the Americas as a platform for other respiratory viruses and influenza-associated morbidity and mortality

History of influenza surveillance and where we are today - Otavio Oliva

Experiences with SARI surveillance in Costa Rica - Guiselle Guzmán

Regional estimates of influenza mortality - Po-Yung Cheng

Studies to estimate burden of influenza - Eduardo Azziz-Baumgartner

Global influenza disease burden - Marc-Alain Widdowson


Block 2: Influenza vaccine in the Americas and future directions

History of influenza vaccine and future directions - Joseph Breese

Influenza vaccine in the Americas - Alba María Ropero-Alvarez

Experiences with influenza vaccine in Brazil - Sirlene F. Pereira

Experiences with influenza vaccine in Colombia - Jacqueline Palacios Gonzalez

Experiences with influenza vaccine in El Salvador - Eduardo Suárez.

Experiences with influenza vaccine in Mexico - Martin Alejandro Camacho

Discussion about future challenges in the implementation of influenza vaccine


Block 3: RSV surveillance, disease estimates, and vaccine development & other respiratory viruses

Introductory comments: Goals and expectations for the session - Larry Anderson

Clinical features and epidemiology of RSV in children - Eric Simoes

Treatment and prevention of RSV - Janet Englund

Burden of RSV disease in developed and developing countries - Eric Simoes

Status of clinical trials of RSV vaccines - Ruth Karron

Novel vaccines under development - Barney Graham

RSV surveillance in the United States - Susan Gerber & Larry Anderson

RSV surveillance in Brazil - Marilda Siqueira

RSV surveillance in Argentina - Marcela Echavarría

RSV Surveillance in Chile - Luis Fidel Avendaño

Notes from the field- Coronavirus infection 2012 - Susan Gerber

Expanded molecular testing for other respiratory viruses based on the CDC influenza platform - Dean Erdman

Discussion: opportunities, challenges, future directions for RSV surveillance