Over the last decade, Sabin has pioneered novel approaches to developing vaccine products to benefit the world’s poor that are ignored by traditional pharmaceutical research and development pipelines. In addition to developing vaccines, Sabin is running first-of-its-kind programs to strengthen immunization financing and management around the world. The Sustainable Immunization Financing program and the International Association for Immunization Managers use innovative approaches and encourage country ownership of basic health programs.

Our Innovation in Action

The Sabin Product Development Partnership (Sabin PDP), has established a comprehensive, safe, low-cost model for advancing vaccine research and development to treat public health threats by working with manufacturers and researchers in low- and middle-income countries. The Sabin PDP is the only product development partnership in the world targeting human hookworm infection which would alleviate the suffering of more than half a billion people. The Sabin PDP is also developing vaccines to fight schistosomiasis, Chagas disease, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), ascariasis, trichuriasis, leishmaniasis, onchocerciasis and West Nile virus.

Strengthening countries’ abilities to sustainably fund, improve and manage immunization programs is essential for ensuring equitable access to existing vaccines for all people. To support this effort, the International Association of Immunization Managers (IAIM) has established the world’s first forum from which immunization managers can discuss and exchange best practices; build and support international and regional networks of immunization managers; and develop their technical and leadership capacity through scholarships and exchanges.

Through the Sustainable Immunization Financing (SIF) program, Sabin has developed a niche expertise in the area of immunization program financing. Using an innovative approach that uses collective action, the SIF program engages leaders in the ministries of health and finance, parliamentarians, and the private sector to develop sustainable financing solutions for national immunization programs.

Sabin also leverages creative campaigns like END7 to influence key policymakers and promote the control and elimination of NTDs. Through social media and digital advocacy and amplification, END7 aims to raise the awareness and funding necessary to control and eliminate the seven most common neglected tropical diseases by 2020.  

Selected Highlights 

Supporting Immunization Managers

Advancing First-Ever Clinical Testing of the Human Hookworm Vaccine

Proceedings from the Second Sabin Colloquium on Sustainable Immunization Financing