Day 1

Session 1 - Measuring Vaccine Effectiveness - what can be learned from the experience with current vaccines 

Why is the determination of vaccine eddectivness important? - Edwin Asturias

Measuring the impact of vaccination programs: designs & methodology - Ira  Longini


Session 2 - Examples of vaccine effectiveness studies, pre- and post- licensure

Rotavirus - Daniel Payne

Influenza - Mark Thompson

Hepatitis A - Harold Margolis

Hib - Brad Gessner


Session 3 - Understanding Dengue and Dengue Vaccines

Dengue natural histroy of infection and disease spectrum - Kay Tomashek

Dengue Epidemiology - Kay Tomashek

Laboratory diagnosis of Dengue - Jorge Munoz

Outcomes/endpoints for Dengue vaccine trials - Robert Edelman

Taking vaccine effectiveness into public health practice: the Provac example - Cara Janusz

Assesing Vaccine Safety - Neal Halsey

The Regulatory Perspective - Norman Baylor

Review of published data from Dengue Vaccine phase IIb and III clinical trials - Ira Longini