Revisarán propagación enfermedades neumocóccica

September 22, 2008 | Listin Diario

SANTO DOMINGO.- Científicos, autoridades y diseñadores de políticas de salud pública, representantes de agencias internacionales, directivos y miembros de sociedades especializadas de pediatría, infectologia y neumología del Caribe, revisarán en el pa ís los alcances de la propagación y control de la enfermedad neumocóccica, que mata al menos 114 niños cada hora en el mundo.

New Sabin Program Launched in 2008: Sustainable Immunization Financing

Immunization programs save hundreds of thousands of lives in the developing world, and the introduction of new vaccines will save millions more. As new, more expensive vaccines enter the global market, however, many developing countries are struggling to finance their immunization programs. To address this growing challenge, the Sabin Vaccine Institute has launched its latest initiative: the Advocacy Project for Sustainable Immunization Financing.

Health Experts Call on Global Leaders to Ensure Access to Life-Saving Pneumococcal Vaccines

Reykjavik, Iceland – Nearly 1,000 of the world’s leading experts on infectious diseases and vaccines are meeting during the 6th International Symposium on Pneumococci and Pneumococcal Diseases (ISPPD-6) this week to call for renewed and urgent action by governments to protect their citizens against pneumococcal disease, a leading killer of children and adults worldwide.


Price is the Main Barrier to Wider Use of Papillomavirus Vaccine

At its debut 2 years ago, a vaccine that pre-vents cervical cancer was heralded as a public health breakthrough that could poten-tially save millions of women’s lives. Yet although the vaccine is now given routinely to young girls in the United States and Europe, it hasn’t been deployed in poorer countries, where it could make a bigger difference.



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