Sabin is working in Latin America to bring together experts to discuss some of the key questions of dengue burden and vaccine introduction. Sabin is coordinating a two day regional workshop to convene key health and government officials from the region, as well as officials from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and representatives from multilateral agencies and other stakeholders, to discuss how to measure efficacy of a future dengue vaccine and to develop a proposed set of guidelines on methodologies to be used.

Additionally, in partnership with PAHO, Sabin is developing a dengue epidemiological surveillance framework that generates the necessary information to define vaccination strategies against dengue in Latin America and to evaluate their impact. This includes the creation of a regional technical working group to advise and coordinate priorities in dengue cooperation, surveillance and research; strengthening of the regional Network of Dengue Laboratories of the Americas; and adaptation of dengue surveillance systems to generate data that will help determine dengue vaccine introduction, define national immunization strategies and evaluate vaccination impact.