Most people have never heard of diseases like elephantiasis, river blindness, snail fever, trachoma, roundworm, whipworm, or hookworm.  But one in six people globally, including more than half a billion children, have these organisms living and breeding inside their bodies.   

Yet the solution to these diseases is relatively simple: For only 50 cents, we can provide one person with treatment and protection against all seven NTDs for up to one year. 

END7 is the only public awareness campaign dedicated to controlling and eliminating the seven most common neglected tropical diseases by 2020.

END7 draws on the power of social media and compelling digital communications to build awareness of these diseases among the general public and to raise the funds to deliver medications to schools and communities around the world. 

With the support of the general public, the END7 campaign will call on global political and philanthropic leaders, as well as national governments in endemic countries, to make the modest funding commitments to help cut the transmission cycles of these diseases and eliminate them as a public health threat.

Join us in spreading the word. Together we can see the end!