Ciro de Quadros Vaccinology Course

In recent years mass vaccination campaigns in Latin America have resulted in significant progress in improving health throughout the region, including the eradication and elimination of polio, measles and rubella in the Americas.  Many countries are looking to expand vaccination coverage and introduce new vaccines, such as those against hepatitis B, Haemophilus Influenzae type b (Hib), rotavirus, human papilloma virus (HPV) and pneumococcal disease. But as more vaccines become available, it becomes increasingly important to understand the current guidelines and recommendations regarding vaccinations.  It is crucial to ensure that officials in charge of immunization services understand the latest policies and technical guidelines, as well as the current needs in their countries.

The Sabin Vaccine Institute plans and coordinates an annual five day vaccinology training course for immunization stakeholders from Latin American and Caribbean countries. Together with leading experts in the field of vaccinology, Sabin aims to familiarize participants with current global and regional immunization policies and technical guidelines, as well as with effective communication strategies. Leaders in the field discuss the fundamentals of vaccinology, current vaccine recommendations, issues surrounding immunization campaigns, and successful strategies and funding mechanisms. Participants are able to utilize this information and skills learned during the training to improve vaccination coverage within their own countries. More than 350 participants from 15 countries have had the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s leading experts on vaccinology.

Shortly after the passing of Dr. Ciro de Quadros, a public health hero and Sabin's former Evecutive Vice President, Sabin renamed this annual Vaccinology Course in his honor as a tribute to his dedication and passion for educating and empowering public health practitioners in Latin America. 

At the 2016 course, more than 40 participants were introduced to an entirely new curriculum, which will be the basis of a bilingual vaccinology textbook.

Sabin's First Vaccinology Course for Latin America Lima, Peru

II Vaccinology Course for Latin America– Lima, Peru

III Vaccinology Course for Latin America – Lima, Peru

IV Ciro de Quadros Vaccinology Course for Latin America – Santiago, Chile

V Ciro de Quadros Vaccinology Course for Latin America – Santiago, Chile

VI Ciro de Quadros Vaccinology Course for Latin America – Santiago, Chile

VII Ciro de Quadros Vaccinology Course for Latin America – Buenos Aires, Argentina


Photo: The 2014 International Association of Immunization Managers Regional Meeting in Durban, South Africa