As part of the Sabin Vaccine Institute’s decision to focus on expanding immunization, we have concluded our END7 campaign.

The END7 campaign achieved amazing things – mobilizing funding to treat more than 50 million people, raising the volume of global advocacy and building a movement to end the suffering caused by NTDs. Students supporters led the way: 

  • Students from more than 350 universities in 30 countries have joined END7 to raise awareness of NTDs, fundraise for treatment programs and advocate for the global control and elimination effort
  • Students launched the first-ever global NTD Awareness Week in 2016, hosted hundreds of campus presentations and educational events and published original research on NTDs
  • Students raised more than $115,00 for NTD treatment programs in a dozen countries, achieving global recognition for efforts like our annual Giving Tuesday fundraising competition 
  • Students completed nearly 6,000 advocacy actions – signing petitions, sending letters to heads of state and postcards to United Nations officials, publishing op-eds, and participating in 85 meetings with congressional offices on the annual NTD Student Advocacy Day
  • 113 students from 93 universities in 27 countries served on the END7 Student Advisory Board and Campus Leaders Council, launching campus chapters and building their leadership skills to see this movement into the future

See our 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 END7 Student Yearbooks to learn more.

For legal reasons, we request that by September 30, 2017 student groups discontinue all use of the END7 logo, trademarks, name and anything else associated with the END7 brand.  Thus, this means that by September 30, we expect that your group will remove the END7 logo, trademarks, brand and name from any website, social media account (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.), email address, fundraising documents, pamphlet, or other material used by your group, including, if applicable, removing END7 from the name of your chapter. You are free to use more general language like “END NTDs.” You don’t need to worry about old social media posts but moving forward, please discontinue use of “END7”.

To help young people stay connected to the NTD cause, we have created a Google group to facilitate information-sharing.

Our campaign is wrapping up, but the fight against neglected tropical diseases continues. Students who have been involved with END7 can consider supporting some exciting NTD initiatives led by our partners around the globe:

  • Uniting to Combat NTDs is a partnership of private and public sector organizations working together to defeat 10 NTDs and improve the lives of a billion people. Stay updated with news about NTDs and the amazing progress partners are making across the globe by subscribing to Uniting’s e-newsletter and following Uniting on Twitter!
  • Looking for a way to continue raising funds for and awareness of NTDs? Consider joining the END Fund for your next adventure! In the past, teams have taken on climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and pushing themselves to finish the Victoria Falls marathon and half marathon. Contact Abbey Turtinen for more information.
  • The Carter Center has built hope for millions of the world’s poorest people by distributing more than 500 million doses of donated medication to combat five NTDs in Africa and Latin America. You can help them build hope for millions more by making a donation.
  • The Global Schistosomiasis Alliance is a coalition of NGOs, development agencies, research institutions and the private sector targeting the debilitating NTD schistosomiasis working to advocate, coordinate and facilitate the necessary networks and activities to reach the WHO's target for schistosomiasis control and elimination. Learn more on their website, sign up for their newsletter and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Sightsavers is an international organization that changes lives for the long term. They work to eliminate avoidable blindness and support people with visual impairments to live independently. This includes work with partners to support programs in 29 countries targeting five NTDs. In 2016 Sightsavers supported a record number of treatments: more than 154 million. Follow @Sightsavers and @SightsaversUSA on Twitter or like Sightsavers on Facebook to share posts and show your support.
  • Every two minutes someone is diagnosed with leprosy and more than 4 million people suffer from lifelong disabilities caused by this devastating neglected tropical disease. Although leprosy can be cured, there is no vaccine to prevent it. But finally, after 15 years of research and development, the world's first leprosy-specific vaccine is ready for Phase I clinical trials. Donate now to American Leprosy Missions stop the suffering and help end this ancient disease once and for all.
  • PATH is developing treatments for NTDs to make more lifesaving medicines available and add new tools to the fight against drug resistance. Learn more about how PATH is working with countries and partners worldwide to find the best ways to deploy the NTD-fighting tools we already have, advance new tools and tackle the root causes of infection so that children and communities can thrive.
  • The London Centre for NTD Research is an innovative research collaboration that brings together over 200 NTD experts from leading research institutions based in London undertaking cutting-edge research to build the evidence base around the design, implementation and evaluation of NTD control and elimination programs. Visit their NTD research directory, sign up for their research newsletter and follow @NTDresearch to learn more. 
  • CaringCrowd® is a crowdfunding platform proudly sponsored by Johnson & Johnson that is dedicated to supporting community health projects (including ones addressing NTDs) anywhere in the world.  Every project on the platform is sponsored by a non-profit and has been reviewed by a team of experts. There are many ways you can get involved, from pledging, to posting a campaign, or advocating for a cause you support. Visit or contact to get started.
  • For more on NTD philanthropy, Give Well publishes a Deworming Report and their selected top charities include several organizations active in NTD control and elimination programs.

Additionally, there are incredible student-powered movements working to improve global health that could use your energy, optimism and commitment:

  • RESULTS is a movement of passionate, committed everyday people using their voices to influence political decisions that will bring an end poverty. Volunteers receive training, support, and inspiration to become skilled advocates. You can sign up to Volunteer or join an Introduction to RESULTS call. Check out their REAL Change Organizing and Advocacy Fellowship, a hands-on training program for young people between the ages of 18–30 to learn how to work with the media, their communities, and policymakers to create change. 
  • Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM) works to make medicines more affordable and adequate for all through their network of more than 100 chapters at universities in 18 countries. Learn more about getting involved and mark your calendars for their annual conference in October.
  • The Student Global AIDS Campaign (SGAC) is a US-based network of student and youth organizations, including HIV+ youth, committed to the global fight against AIDS. SGAC seeks to mobilize a diverse student movement, in partnership with students internationally, to make claims upon governments, corporations, and civil society through informed political advocacy and direct action. SGAC demands sufficient resources, effective prevention, and guaranteed access to AIDS treatment and care as a matter of moral urgency. To join or start a chapter, or to join their email listserv, contact – and consider joining them in DC for their upcoming Fall Uprising Event Open to all global health activists under 30.
  • PIH Engage is building the right to health movement by recruiting, training, and enabling teams of dedicated volunteer community organizers. These teams drive year-long campaigns focused on building the power to advance the right to health, organizing by building strong teams capable of hosting events, rallies, town hall meetings, and marches, educating by holding discussion groups and public lectures about the right to health, generating resources to fund high-quality health care for people living in poverty and advocating for global and domestic policies that further the right to health. Find a PIH Engage team near you on their website or email

Thank you for your dedication to global health! We hope END7 student supporters will continue to stay involved in this cause.