The onset of meningitis can occur suddenly and progress rapidly, with the potential to become fatal within a matter of hours. The most effective method of preventing meningococcal disease is through vaccination, and there are a number of vaccines available. 
In the Latin America and Caribbean region, meningococcal disease is associated with high morbidity and mortality rates, and a better understanding of the true burden of meningococcal disease in the region is urgently needed.   In order to help address this, Sabin organized the First Regional Meningococcal Symposium, which brought together key stakeholders to address the issues surrounding disease burden and vaccine introduction.
Over 180 delegates from 21 countries attended the First Regional Meningococcal Symposium in Buenos Aires to discuss and exchange ideas that may lead to the overcoming of financial, logistical, and political obstacles to meningococcal prevention through vaccination. 
You can find more information here, the agenda and presentations here, and the proceedings here.