We worked to increase funding and engage development partners to bring NTD programs to scale, produce evidence of sustainable impact and change the prognosis for communities affected by NTDs forever. The Global Network directly mobilized more than $165 million toward NTD control and established unique philanthropic partnerships that continue to drive critical resources to fill the funding gap. 

  • As part of its resource mobilization efforts, the Global Network helped launch and support the END Fund’s private philanthropic fundraising for NTD treatment programs. The END Fund has mobilized more than $50 million since its launch in 2012.
  • To broaden the base of support for NTD treatment, the Global Network launched the END7 campaign, pledging 100% of donations to NTD treatment programs. END7 mobilized more than 27,000 donations totaling $1.2 million to support treatment programs in more than a dozen countries that have reached more than 50 million people.
  • In partnership with the Global Network, Sabin Foundation Europe launched the Sabin City Group in 2013. This unique private sector engagement initiative aimed to raise corporate awareness of the global NTD burden. Leveraging public events and fundraising initiatives, Sabin City Group focused its initial efforts specifically on addressing the NTD burden in Guyana, raising nearly £50,000 to fill a funding gap and help the Pan American Health Organization and Guyana’s Ministry of Health work towards national coverage. In total, Sabin Foundation Europe and Sabin City Group raised nearly £155,000 for NTD programs in Guyana and India.
  • The Global Network established several creative fundraising partnerships, working with companies including Sevenly, OneHope Wine and Statoil, charitable initiatives like the Hogwarts Running Club and several Rotary chapters, and dozens of student and community groups to broaden the base of individuals invested in the NTD cause and mobilize immediate resources for treatment.

Learn more about END7-funded projects in Côte d'Ivoire, Guyana, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Myanmar, Nigeria, Peru, Sierra Leone, Timor Leste and Vietnam.