Pneumococcal disease kills 1.6 million people each year – including 800,000 children under the age of five - and is the leading cause of preventable death worldwide. Vaccines are available now to safely and effectively protect children and adults against most pneumococcal infections. With increased awareness about this disease, and a commitment to purchase and deliver pneumococcal vaccines to children around the globe, we can save an estimated 5.4 million children’s lives by 2030. 

We urge professional medical societies worldwide to join dozens of the world's leading organizations and sign on as a PACE partner to the Global Call to Action. Lend your support to our coordinated effort to fight pneumococcal disease around the world. 

Global Call to Action on Pneumococcal Disease Prevention

Pneumococcal disease is the most common cause of vaccine-preventable death worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), pneumoccocal kills 1.6 million people — including more than 800,000 children under age five — each year. Despite its enormous impact, awareness of this disease remains low.
Safe, effective vaccines are available to prevent pneumococcal. The need for widespread pneumococcal vaccines has never been greater. Antibiotic resistance and HIV infection are making pneumococcal infections more common and more difficult to treat. Taking action now will save millions of lives.

As professional societies and organizations dedicated to improving the health and well-being of children and families worldwide, we support the application of proven, effective health interventions to combat infectious disease. We recognize the need to increase awareness about pneumococcal disease and its impact and for coordinated global action toward prevention. And we support the recent recommendation of the WHO for inclusion of pneumococcal vaccines in routine immunization programs based on their proven prevention efficacy.

Together, we issue a call to action to prevent pneumococcal disease:

  • We call upon governments and their leaders, international institutions and officials in philanthropy to make financing available to ensure access to pneumococcal vaccines for all those in need worldwide. These institutions should also support the expansion of health systems to deliver the vaccines, and surveillance systems to monitor their impact.
  • We call upon leaders in health, science and related fields to raise awareness about the burden of pneumococcal disease and the opportunities for its prevention, and to continue research into its prevention.
  • We call upon vaccine manufacturers to continue developing effective vaccines and to invest in capacity to meet increasing global demand for pneumococcal vaccines.
  • We call upon all parties to work together in a coordinated fashion to ensure vaccines are available at affordable, sustainable prices and with credible long-term financing to support their procurement.

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