The PACE Global Leadership Award recognizes governments, individuals and organizations that have championed pneumococcal disease prevention and whose actions have contributed toward public policy advances in vaccine introduction.

In 2009, Dr. Thomas Cherian, coordinator of the Expanded Programme on Immunization at the World Health Organization, was presented the 2009 PACE Global Leadership Award by PACE Co-Chairs Ciro de Quadros and Orin Levine. Dr. Cherian was recognized for his irrefutable body of work that has helped advance medical science, inform policy, and help set the stage for recent commitments to prioritize and fund prevention of pneumococcal disease throughout the world.


Ambassador James Kimonyo accepted the 2008 PACE Global Leadership Award on behalf of the Ministry of Health of Rwanda. The Rwanda Ministry of Health was honored for its groundbreaking efforts to introduce pneumococcal vaccine into its national immunization program in early 2009.


Costa Rica's Minister of Health, Dr. Maria Luisa Ávila, accepted the 2007 PACE Global Leadership Award on behalf of the Costa Rica Ministry of Health. The award recognized Costa Rica as the first Latin American country to announce introduction of a pneumococcal vaccine through a national immunization program.

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