Country Overview
The immunization law has been passed by one of two houses of parliament
The domestic advocacy network has been established, meets bi-weekly, and has an official Terms of Reference.

Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI)
The Liberian EPI is in the Preventative Services Division, Health Services Department, Ministry of Health & Social Welfare (MOHSW).

Government Spending on Immunization
Over the period 2006-2013, Liberia’s Gross National Income increased from US$140 to US$410 per capita, a 193% increase. According to the WHO/UNICEF Joint Reporting Form (JRF), the Liberian government spent $1 on routine immunization per surviving infant in 2006. By 2013, this figure had risen to $2, a 100% increase. In addition, the government share of total routine immunization expenditures rose from 3% to 28%. Caveats: Reporting for JRF Indicator 6500 is incomplete and there are inconsistencies across the JRF financial indicators. The data nonetheless suggest that Liberia has progressed towards country ownership of its immunization program.  

Click to download Liberia's 2006-2013 Reported Government Expenditure on Routine Immunization updated 09/2014

Domestic Advocacy Network
In June 2012, Liberian parliamentarians visited Uganda to survey its Parliamentary Network for Immunization. Learning from the study tour, the Liberian Parliamentary Network for immunization was established in a multi-institutional briefing during March 2013.

The Network finalized its Terms of Reference in June 2013 and met periodically until February 2014, when it began meeting bi-weekly.

Legislation for Sustainability
In Chapter II, Article 8 of the 1984 Liberian Constitution, guaranteeing a healthy citizenry is one of the essential government policy goals.

The Parliamentary Network for Immunization began preparing the draft law in March 2013. The following June, it completed the draft bill and submitted it to the senate for comment. In July and October 2013, both houses of parliament discussed the draft law.

In May 2014, the Senate approved the immunization law.

Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) Implementation
In June 2014, Liberian officials finalized a timeline to streamline relevant principles from GVAP into the country’s Multi-Year Plan (cMYP).

Major SIF Program Efforts

  • June 2014: Senior Program Officer facilitates the streamlining of GVAP principles into Liberia’s cMYP at WHO-sponsored event. Small working groups composed of government peers conduct the streamlining.
  • November 2013: Senior Program Officer holds peer exchange between Sierra Leone and Liberia where each country shares its best practices in aggregating the information for the SIF Budget Process Tool.
  • October 2013: Senior Program Officer participates in the 6th Annual Health and Social Welfare Review Conference | Universal Health Coverage: Health and Social Welfare Protection for All.
  • July 2013: Senior Program Officer participates in Presidential launch of A Promise Renewed: Committing to Child Survival in Liberia.
  • March 2013: Senior Program Officer holds a multi-institutional briefing in which the Parliamentary Network on Immunization was established.
  • June 2012: Senior Program Officer accompanies Liberian parliamentarians on a legislative & advocacy study tour of Uganda’s Domestic Advocacy Network and draft immunization law.
  • August 2010: MOF Public Financial Management Dept. Senior Financial Department is sponsored by Senior Program Officer to participate in a study tour of Uganda’s Health Finance Management System.
  • July 2009: Senior Program Officer and EPI manager conduct subnational briefing to EPI supervisors in Katata, Margibi County.
  • November 2008: Senior Program Officer and Program Director conduct introductory briefings with MOHSW officials and EPI manager.