Country Overview

  • Immunization legislation passed
  • Resource tracking operational at national and subnational levels

Government Spending on Immunization
Over the period 2006-2013, Vietnam’s Gross National Income increased from US$760 to US$1,730 per capita, more than doubling in eight years. According to the WHO/UNICEF Joint Reporting Form (JRF), the Vietnamese government spent $5 on routine immunization per surviving infant in 2006. By 2013, this figure had risen to $7, reflecting a 40 percent increase. While increasing in absolute terms, the government share of total routine immunization expenditures dropped from 65 percent to 40 percent from 2006-2013. Vietnam’s reporting for JRF Indicator 6500 is complete and consistent across the JRF financial indicators. The data suggest that Vietnam has progressed towards country ownership of its immunization program.

Click to download Vietnam's 2006-2013 Reported Government Expenditures on Routine Immunization updated 09/2014

Legislation for Sustainability
The Constitution of Vietnam, Chapter III, article 39 states: “The state shall invest in, develop, and exercise its unified management over health care activities for the people. It shall mobilize and organize all social forces to build and develop Vietnamese medicine, especially preventive medicine; combine disease prevention with medical treatment; develop and combine modern and traditional medicine and pharmaceutical practices; combine the development of state health care with folk medicine; offer health insurance; and create conditions for citizens’ access to medical care.”

The Constitution, chapter V, article 61, paragraphs 1– 3 further states: “Citizens have the right to health care. The State shall devise systems for hospital charges, and for exemption and reduction of hospital charges. Citizens have the obligation to comply with all regulations on disease control and public sanitation.”

Passed in 2007, the Law on Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases guarantees immunization financing: Clause 1, Article 30 states that “the State shall ensure funds for the use of vaccines and medical bio-products.”

Tracking Expenditure Flows
Prior to 2013, nearly half of Vietnam’s sixty-three provincial immunization programs tracked expenditures. That year, however, nearly all did so. The National Immunization Program presented this to the federal government, which helped it avert a planned budget cut for FY2014.

Major SIF Program Efforts

  • October 2014: Senior Program Officer and State Grand Khural (legislature) co-organize legislative & financial peer exchange between Uganda, Mongolia and Vietnam.
  • May 2014: Senior Program Officer participated in sub-national briefing to Hai Duong province.
  • November 2013: Senior Program Officer co-organizes peer exchange between Vietnam (host country), Mongolia and Indonesia.
  • May 2013: Senior Program Officer organizes sub-national briefing which includes fifty participants.
  • October 2012: Senior Program Officer and Program Director conduct introductory briefings with government counterparts.