Devendra Prasad Gnawali, a Nepali citizen, received Ph.D. and masters degrees in health economics from the University of Heidelberg, Germany and Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. After teaching science and mathematics in rural Nepal, Gnawali became a statistics officer in the Nepali Ministry of Health and Population. Following post-graduate training, Gnawali was promoted to health economist where he worked on National Health Accounts and community health insurance programs for the country. Gnawali joined the Sabin SIF Program in 2008. He is responsible for SIF projects in Nepal, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

Diana Kizza Mugenzi,a Ugandan citizen, holds a masters degree in health economics from the University of York (U.K.) and a bachelors degree in quantitative economics from Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda. As a fellow with the Overseas Development Institute, Kizza was assigned to the Policy, Planning and Capacity Building Unit of Rwanda’s Ministry of Public Health. There she worked on Rwanda’s National Health Accounts and helped prepare the country’s sectorwide approach (SWAp) for health. Kizza joined the SIF Program in 2008. She is responsible for SIF projects in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda.

Helene Mambu-Ma-Disu, a citizen of the Democratic Republic of Congo, is a public health physician with extensive experience in Africa. She received her M.D. from Howard University, Washington, DC, USA. Mambu-Ma-Disu began her career as a public health officer in rural DRC. She rose to head DRC’s national immunization and integrated child survival programs until joining WHO/AFRO in 1987. Mambu-Ma-Disu served as WHO representative in Rwanda, Mali and Cameroon. Upon retiring from WHO, she joined the SIF Program in 2009. Mambu-Ma-Disu oversees SIF projects in DR Congo, Madagascar and Republic of Congo (Brazzaville).

Jonas Mbwangue, a Cameroonian citizen, holds a masters degree in public administration from Columbia University, New York, NY USA. Prior to his postgraduate work, Mbwangue was Executive Director of International Planned Parenthood Federation in Cameroon. As a consultant with the World Bank Institute Sustainable Development Division, Mbwangue worked on sustainable agricultural projects throughout Africa before joining the SIF Program in 2008. Mbwangue is responsible for SIF projects in Mali, Senegal and Cameroon.

Khongorzul Dari, a Mongolian citizen, holds a PhD in development economics from the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University – Oita, Japan, and an MA in Public Administration and Taxation from the Yokohama National University in Japan, as well as an MA in Development Economics from the University of Manchester, in the UK. She previously worked in the Georgian General Department of National Taxation and the International Finance Corporation. Based in Ulaanbaatar, Dari is responsible for SIF projects in Indonesia, Mongolia and Vietnam.

Eka Paatashvili, a Georgian citizen, is responsible for SIF projects in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Uzbekistan. A physician by training, Eka previously worked in the Georgia Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs in the areas of program management and procurement, finance and budget reform, and regulatory affairs. From there, she earned an Executive Master of Public Administration degree from Syracuse University.