Preventing typhoid can change communities. The primary goal of the Coalition against Typhoid is to define the barriers for the adoption of typhoid vaccines in the communities where they are needed most and the key activities that are needed to overcome them.

CaT is telling the story of  typhoid in order to decrease the burden around the world. This is done by promoting awareness of WHO’s recommendations and GAVI’s prioritization of typhoid vaccines and by helping countries develop their own vaccination strategies. To do this, they secure the right resources to support these life-saving activities.

Typhoid control will require a combination of both short- and long-term plans. In the short term, high burden and at risk populations should be immunized against typhoid fever and good hygiene practices, such as hand washing, should be promoted.  Long term improvements in access to safe water and improved sanitation need to be implemented to prevent further spread of the disease. 

By making a name for typhoid on the global health agenda and developing a comprehensive work plan to combat this disease, the Coalition against Typhoid eagerly anticipates expanding access to these life-saving vaccines. Learn more about CaT at and connect with CaT on Facebook and Twitter




Photo by Esther Havens