Session I: Measles Elimination in Europe: A Necessary Component toward Rubella and CRS Elimination

The Measles Initiative-Global Progress and Challenges - Peter Strebel
PAHO Measles Elimination Program Update - Jon Andrus
Measles in Europe - Pier Luigi Lopalco
Public/Private Partnerships - Louis Cooper
Heterogeneous Roles of Pediatricians in the WHO/EURO Immunization Programs
Moderated by Louis Cooper
Closing Comments - Samuel Katz

Introduction and Welcome
Ciro de Quadros, Maria Grazia Pompa, Nedret Emiroglu, Helen Evans

Session II: Background Information
Virus - David Brown
Clinical and follow-up - Louis Cooper
Pathogenesis - Jenny Best
Vaccine - Stanley Plotkin

Session III: Diagnostics
Rubella in Pregnancy - Maria Grazia Revello
Molecular diagnostics - Joseph Icenogle
Serology and International Units - Lilianne Grangeot Keros
Diagnostic Roundtable, moderated by Lilane Grangeot-Keros & Joe Icenogle
Gregory Maine  Abbott. (Abbott), Fabienne Heskia (biomerieux)), Antonio Boniolo (diasorin), Ralf Bollhagen (Roche)

Session IV: Epidemiology
Global - Susan Reef
Global CRS Burden - Emilia Vynnycky

Session V: Burden of Rubella and CRS in Europe
Rubella and CRS overview; WHO Regional Office for Europe -  Dragan Jankovic
Progress Toward Elimination: Successes and Remaining Challenges - Laura Zimmerman
Sub-Regional Overview: Central-Eastern Europe - Vytautas Usonis

Session VI: Country Experiences
Italy - Stefania Salmaso
Russia - Olga Tsvirkin
Finland - Irja Davidkin
Poland - Włodzimierz Gut
France - Isabelle DuChatelet

Session VII: Strategies, Policy, Implementation and Documentation of Rubella/CRS
WHO Position: Vaccine strategies and country experiences outside Europe - Peter Strebel
PAHO Experience - Jon Andrus
EURO Expectations & Plan - Dragan Jankovic

Session VII: Surveillance Strategies
Clinical /epidemiological rubella surveillance - Dragan Jankovic
CRS Surveillance - Pat Tookey
Surveillance of Rubella & CRS in Catalonia - Angela Domínguez
Molecular epidemiology - David Featherstone

Session IX: Issues to be addressed
Supply and cost - Selenge Lkhagva
AEFI's (Brighton) - Jan Bonhoeffer
ECDC (Vaesco) - Kari Johansen
Manufacturers Roundtable
Suresh Jadhav (Serum Institute of India), Jonas Vezbergas (GSK), Barb Kuter (Merck), Alla Lobastova (Microgen)