Pictured above: Nepal's President, Dr. Ram Baran Yadav, with Sustainable Immunization Financing Senior Program Officer Devendra Gnawali, and delegates from Rotary International/Nepal: Mr. Rabindra Piya, Rtn. Ram Prasad Bhandari, Rtn. Rabindra Jang Thapa, Rtn. Gopal Pokhrel and Rtn.

Senator Sefiu Adegbenga Kaka was one of the prime movers behind the drafting and passage of the Nigeria’s National Health Bill, passed in February 2014.

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, more than doubled its immunization budget from 2010-2012 and that budget continues to grow.

By: Jonas Mbwangue, Senior Program Officer, Sabin Vaccine Institute Sustainable Immunization Program

This post is part of our World Immunization Week blog series. Stay tuned for more blogs highlighting the benefits of immunization and the work Sabin is doing to support immunization programs worldwide. 

Passing through a leafy neighborhood of Brazzaville, we turn into the well kept confines of the national immunization program. Each office is named for its function: Surveillance, Statistics and Data Management and so on.


L’Indonésie est en quête de la durabilité financière pour ses services de vaccination par la voie législative et par le biais du suivi des dépenses. Le programme de financement durable de la vaccination (SIF) de Sabin a été lancé en Indonésie en juillet 2013.

Structure du programme de vaccination

Le programme national de vaccination (NIP) d’Indonésie est géré par le directorat de la vaccination et de la quarantaine, division du contrôle des maladies transmissibles et de la santé environnementale, qui fait partie du ministère de la Santé (MS).


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