During the first week of May, Sustainable Immunization Financing (SIF) Senior Program Officers Devendra Gnawali and Mariya Savchuk were in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where they met with  counterparts working on immunization financing issues and organized Sabin’s fifth SIF briefing in that country.

In April 2013, an agreement was signed by Sabin and the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology (NIHE), making Vietnam the newest Sustainable Immunization Financing (SIF) Program country.  To kick it off, NIHE and Sabin jointly sponsored a subnational briefing in Da Nang on 13 May.

Sabin’s Sustainable Immunization Financing Program works with eighteen African and Asian countries to find ways to increase their national immunization program investments.

The Gates Foundation recognized Sabin senior program officer Dr. Hélène Mambu-ma-Disu in particular for her work in establishing sustainable immunization financing in African countries.


Le Nigeria est en quête de la durabilité financière pour ses services de vaccination par le biais de nouveaux mécanismes de financement, par le plaidoyer budgétaire et par la voie législative. Le programme de financement durable de la vaccination (SIF) de Sabin a été lancé au Nigeria en février 2009.

Structure du programme de vaccination

Le programme national de vaccination (NPI) est géré par l’Agence nationale de développement des soins de santé primaires (NPHCDA), une institution para-étatique.


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