The Coalition against Typhoid (CaT) will once again serve as the host for the International Conference on Typhoid and other Invasive Salmonelloses (ICTIS), along with local partner Biofarma. This two-and-a-half day event to be held in Bali, Indonesia on April 30-May 2, 2015 and will bring together prominent clinicians, scientists, policymakers and public health practitioners to share updates on research and public health strategies to reduce the burden of typhoid fever and other salmonelloses.

In the 29 years since the International Workshop on Typhoid Fever was first held in Washington, D.C. in 1984, the fight against typhoid fever has grown more urgent. Available vaccines are underutilized, even as growing numbers of people are at risk of the disease, and antimicrobial resistant clones are spreading around the world.

Yet, the prospects for controlling this disease have never been better. With more than 30 member organizations, the Sabin Vaccine Institute, through the CaT program, is pushing for global support of new typhoid conjugate vaccines that can be used in children under two and offer a longer duration of protection than previous vaccines.

Accordingly, the 9th ICTIS will serve as a forum for:

  • Presenting scientific advancements related to salmonellosis epidemiology, clinical presentation and diagnostics.
  • Providing updates on current preventive measures in salmonella control.
  • Reporting progress on typhoid, paratyphoid and non-typhoidal salmonella vaccine development.
  • Catalyzing research implementation by strengthening connections between researchers and policymakers in the public health arena.
  • Formulating next steps in typhoid, paratyphoid and non-typhoidal salmonella research.

Event registration is free; please visit the event page to sign up.