We are pleased to announce that Sabin executive vice president, Ciro de Quadros, M.D., M.P.H., has been awarded the BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Development Cooperation, an international distinction of the highest level. Dr. de Quadros was honored for leading the efforts to eliminate measles and polio from the Western hemisphere and for being an important player in the eradication of smallpox worldwide.

The BBVA Foundation established the Frontiers of Knowledge Awards in 2008 to recognize outstanding contributions and significant advances in a broad range of scientific and technological areas characteristic of our times. The quality of the nominations received, the stature of the international judges and the excellence of past laureates have earned these awards a place among the world’s foremost award families.
The award in development cooperation reflects Dr. de Quadros’s commitment to working with UN agencies, governments, NGOs and academia to ensure universal access to immunization. According to the selection jury, his work is leading to a paradigm shift in which national governments own immunization financing campaigns, helping to make immunization programs sustainable and accessible to more people around the world.
“I have no doubt that the 21st century will be known as the century of vaccines,” says Dr. de Quadros. “Today we have a number of vaccines against chronic or degenerative diseases, and many more are being developed. We already have vaccines that help prevent liver, cervical and stomach cancer. Vaccines research is also underway to prevent diseases of extreme poverty. A century of vaccines could be extraordinary as long as we ensure that available vaccines reach everyone in the world who needs them.”
De Quadros remains active today in research and education. “Through his work,” the jury concludes, “the world is closer to achieving the millennium development goal that aims at reducing morality rates in children under five by two thirds before the year 2015.”
An awards ceremony will take place in June to honor Dr. de Quadros and the other BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge awardees. More information about the awards and Dr. de Quadros can be found a press release, linked here.