Dr. Albert B. Sabin is best known for developing the oral live virus polio vaccine, but his legacy extends far beyond this single groundbreaking medical advancement. He was a tireless scientist, doctor, and humanitarian who made myriad contributions in the fields of scientific research, vaccine development, viral infections and other health issues, and poverty reduction. Perhaps the reason for his decades-long work to improve the human condition can be explained by his belief that, “A scientist who is also a human being cannot rest while knowledge which might be used why to reduce suffering rests on the shelf.”

Lucky for all of us, Dr. Sabin’s work was well captured in tens of thousands of letters, photographs and other documents. As we previously shared on our blog here and here, the University of Cincinnati Libraries had undertaken a massive effort to digitize these invaluable pieces of insight into the mind, career and character of Dr. Sabin.

After three years of archiving, the project is now complete! On LiBlog, the blog of the University of Cincinnati Libraries, Melissa Norris explains:

The collection is freely and publicly available via the Albert  B. Sabin website at http://sabin.uc.edu/ and includes approximately 35,000 letters and accompanying documents totaling 50,000 pages of correspondence between Sabin and political, cultural, social, and scientific leaders around the world. Also included are nearly 1,000 photographs documenting the events and activities worldwide that were part of Sabin’s crusade to eradicate polio.

“This is what every biographer dreams of – so easy to use and complete,” said Charlotte Jacobs, MD, emerita professor of medicine at Stanford University and an accomplished biographer.

In the archives, you’ll find everything from correspondences with world-renowned scientists and details on various speaking engagements to letters sent during his military service to the Surgeon General’s office and laboratory notebooks. We encourage you to browse through these records at this link.

Dr. Sabin’s vision is an important part of the work we undertake at the Sabin Vaccine Institute, which is founded on his legacy. Thank you to the Albert B. Sabin Digitization Project at the University of Cincinnati for all of your hard work in organizing these captivating materials for everyone to learn from and enjoy.