On April 11-12, 2012, G8 Foreign Ministers met in Washington, D.C. in preparation for the upcoming G8 summit, which will be held at Camp David at the end of May. During the meeting, the ministers expressed their continued support for global health.

We were glad to see that in the Chair’s message, the G8 urged “continued collaboration to accelerate progress on controlling and eliminating neglected tropical diseases,” alongside calls for eradicating polio and improving access to routine immunization. 

Since global health has not been widely promoted as a top issue for the G8 at this year’s summit, this reaffirmation of past promises is encouraging.

The G8 members have pledged support for NTD control since the 2008 summit in Hokkaido, Japan, when they first recognized NTDs as a problem plaguing the world’s poor.According to the Chair’s message, the ministers concluded the meeting with a call to all nations to collaborate with others to “develop and strengthen core public health capacities to prevent, detect, report and respond to these public health emergencies of international concern.”

Read the full G8 Foreign Ministers Meeting Chair’s Statement here.