Giving What We Can is an international society dedicated to eliminating poverty in the developing world by helping people make smart decisions about donating to charitable causes. On their blog, Using as an example the Sabin Vaccine Institute Product Development Parternship (Sabin PDP), specifically the schistosomiasis vaccine development project, Calvert concludes:

"The case for this type of charitable giving is obvious: giving money to people doing this research and development (R&D) will lead to an earlier vaccine-day (the time at which a working vaccine is ready for service). Bringing forward this point by even a day could prevent a serious number of DALYs [disability adjusted life years] from being inflicted."

Continue reading the blog post here. Calvert provides an in depth model that describes the cost-effectiveness of funding a vaccine development charity.

The Sabin PDP's schistosomiasis vaccine is still in the pre-clinical phase of testing, but could be ready for a phase I clinical trial within a year. Calvert couldn't be more right in his assessment. Providing financial support for the development of a schistosomiasis vaccine would help the 200 million people around the world afficted with the disease. Click here to learn more.