By Alyah Khan

Tyler Sharp, an Epidemic Intelligence Service officer at CDC’s Dengue Breach, shared his experience as a member of the response team in an interesting two-part blog series entitled, “Real-life Contagion: Governments unite to fight dengue outbreak in Marshall Islands.” (The series was published in December 2011 shortly after the Hollywood thriller Contagion was released. The movie documented the spread of a virus and the attempts of public health officials to contain the disease. )

Sharp writes in the first of his two posts, “Amazingly, through concerted teamwork over many long days, we ultimately worked as one unit and beat the outbreak.”

Sharp’s account of the 62 days he spent on the islands provides an in-depth look at the challenging work that goes into responding to a dengue outbreak.

In the end, Sharp writes, “this outbreak wasn’t Contagion; it didn’t sweep the globe and kill millions of people. But it did have one important thing in common with the movie: many people from across the globe coming together for a common goal of keeping people safe and healthy. Because of this response, and especially due to the efforts of the local community, despite nearly 1,300 cases, there were no deaths.”

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