By: Peter Carrasco

This past June, we launched the International Association of Immunization Managers (IAIM). Now we’re excited to report that IAIM is connecting immunization managers all over the world online with our newly-launched website.

With the new site, IAIM is supporting the achievement of national, regional, and international immunization goals by establishing a forum for immunization managers to share best practices, participate in peer-to-peer learning and exchange, and develop their technical and leadership capacity.

We encourage you to join and explore the site to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by IAIM. If you are a current or former immunization manager, you can join as an Immunization Manager Member. If you are another type of professional working in or interested in immunizations, such as a nurse, epidemiologist, health economist, statistician, cold chain technician, pharmacist, or vaccine researcher, you can join as an Associate Member. Or, simply join as a Trial Member to enjoy a 30-day free trial of IAIM benefits.

 For more information about the association or registration on the IAIM website, please contact