2014 marked a year of tremendous growth for Sabin’s International Association of Immunization Mangers (IAIM). As December drew to a close, IAIM’s membership expanded to 200 members, representing all regions of the world. This milestone underscores the utility of an international professional association that serves the needs of immunization managers everywhere.

Since its launch in June 2013, IAIM, the first-ever international professional association for immunization managers, has established a forum that allows members to discuss and exchange best practices; build and support international and regional peer networks; and provide immunization managers with opportunities to improve their technical and leadership capacity.

IAIM’s diverse membership draws from more than 100 countries. This interdisciplinary group not only represents national and sub-national immunization managers, but a number of other professionals working in the field of immunization -- including pediatricians, cold chain managers and academic researchers. 

More than 100 of IAIM’s members will meet for the first time this March at the Inaugural Conference in Istanbul Turkey. IAIM’s Inaugural Conference will provide members with a forum to network and discuss specific management solutions. IAIM members will also elect the Association’s first Governing Council, which will provide leadership and direction for the Association through 2017.

Stay tuned for updated on IAIM’s Inaugural Conference, and for more information on IAIM and how to become a member, click here