"It was safer. It was more effective, conferring immunity that might last a lifetime. And it was also easier for kids to take — by mouth, in a cherry-flavored sugar cube."-Wired.com, This Day in Tech Blog

Today in 1956, Dr. Albert B. Sabin Dr. Albert Sabin announced that his live-attenuated oral polio vaccine was ready for mass testing. The announcement came during a time when polio epidemics ravaged cities worldwide. Ultimately, a successful Sabin vaccine was used to eradicate polio throughout the world.

We are proud that Wired.com featured Dr. Sabin's legacy today on the anniversary of his groundbreaking announcement. Dr. Sabin not only dedicated his entire professional career to the elimination of human suffering though his groundbreaking medical advances, he also waged a tireless campaign against poverty and ignorance throughout his lifetime. More on the legacy of Dr. Sabin can be found here.