By Ted Miles

Dr. Peter Hotez, Sabin’s President, recently authored an op-ed in The Hinducalling on a new modern India to “invest in neglected tropical disease (NTD) elimination efforts--including the development of drugs, diagnostics, and vaccines--that will reduce the large NTD burden in South Asia.” India, despite being weighed down with extreme poverty and a high burden of NTD prevalence, also has top universities, medical research institutes and biotech companies. These countries have the capacity to develop innovative vaccines and pharmaceuticals to address the diseases that affect the poorest of the poor both within their borders and in their respective regions. As Dr. Hotez points out, however, the lack of profitability in addressing NTDs with new and innovative vaccines draws little attention from the large for-profit biotech companies that are working in each of these countries. Because of this Sabin Vaccine Development has been leveraging the power of a Product Development Partnership (PDP). Sabin’s Vaccine Development program collaborates with organizations in countries around the world including governmental bodies, the private sector, and other NGO’s. It is Product Development Partnerships like Sabin Vaccine Development that endeavor to access the internal capabilities that these countries possess to produce a new generation of drugs, diagnostics, and vaccines that will benefit not only their citizens but the entire world’s poor. Read the article here.