Since its inception, the SIF Program objectives have been consistent: To help countries increase their immunization budgets and to pass legislation assuring sustainable government immunization financing in perpetuity. These objectives are now incorporated into the Decade of Vaccines Global Vaccine Action Plan. Here’s a look at progress toward these objectives in the SIF pilot countries. As Figure 1 shows, mean SIF country budgets have risen from US$3.5m in 2008 to $6.1m in 2012- an increase of about 15 percent per annum. Though encouraging, the result is inconclusive because budget data have yet to be reported by half of the SIF countries.

Figure 2 shows the status of immunization legislation proposals in the SIF countries as of January 2012. Legislative projects are underway in all but two countries. Nine countries have at least drafted laws. So far one country, Uganda, has submitted its bill to parliament.