On December 6-9, 2010, the WHO will host ARCI/ARICC meetings in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. The Sustainable Immunization Financing (SIF) Program at Sabin will host and oversee a Parallel 3 Session dedicated to Immunization Financing. Representatives from five of SIF Sabin’s pilot countries will be presenting and reporting on a variety of aspects relating to sustainable immunization financing.

Results that have been achieved to date in Africa to improve routine immunization coverage, eradicate polio as well as reduce measles morbidity and mortality, are impressive. A lot of goals remain to be achieved; among them, is the increase in national resources, the introduction of new evidence-based vaccines, as well as the creation and improvement of national legislation for national immunization efforts. With these goals in mind, the parallel 3 Session will address such issues as the dissemination of performance-based budgeting practices and the establishment of emergent National Immunization Trust Funds. These presentations will inform the attendees on the various facets of these initiatives, promoting collective dialog on how to address the challenges unique to developing nations, and helping countries reach sustainable immunization financing for vital-to-public-health immunization programs.