Human hookworm, schistosomiasis, Chagas disease and leishmaniasis are some of the most devastating diseases in poverty with no licensed vaccine available. Sabin’s Product Development Partnership (PDP) is working to change this by closing the vaccine development gap for these four diseases – an effort that will improve the lives of the poorest people worldwide.

This week, we were happy to see that others have recognized these harmful diseases as some of the most important, according to a recent Vaccine Nation article.

Together with generous partners and donors, the Sabin PDP, based at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas, is leading the charge in developing these life-saving vaccines: Human hookworm Na-GST-1 (currently in Phase I trials in the U.S. and Brazil) and Na-APR-1 (Phase I trial to begin in the U.S. this year); schistosomiasis Sm-TSP-2, which is expected to enter U.S. clinical studies by the end of this year; and Chagas disease Tc24 and TSA-1, which is progressing through preclinical development.  

If fully realized, the Sabin PDP’s vaccines have the potential to dramatically improve the lives of the most marginalized people worldwide. The progress made in the past decade, in which increased access to vaccines has helped save millions of lives each year, serves as an important reminder of the purpose behind our efforts.