This year for World Pneumonia Day 2011, health care workers from across the Philippines competed in a dance video competition aimed to increase awareness about the Global Action plan to Prevent Pneumonia (GAPP). The competition was held by the Philippine Foundation for Vaccination. Participants were asked to create an individual dance number performed to the song "Sapul sa Pulmonya" (which translates to "Hit it Pneumonia" in English) and were judged on both the quality of the dance and their use of key GAPP messages. Finalist videos were posted to YouTube and winners were chosen based on the number of "likes" they received. A recording of the winning performance will be distributed around the country to further raise awareness about pneumonia and pneumonia prevention.

Links to the top three videos are listed below:

National Center for Mental Health: (screenshot above)Mariveles MHO/Mental Hospital: Mindanao Medical Center:

A video of "Sapul sa Pulmonya" with an English translation of the lyrics can be found here.

Hundreds (possibly thousands) of health workers from health facilities throughout the Philippines got involved in this awareness campaign. The GAPP states that "effective case management at the community and health facility levels is an essential part of pneumonia control." Whether they won or lost, participants will remember to continue the fight against pneumonia and to save children from a devastating but preventable disease.