For the past week, the Sabin Vaccine Institute and the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases have been working with a group of organizations to raise awareness of specific issues - such as global health, nutrition, the environment and corruption – in advance of the G8.

Sabin Executive Vice President, Dr. Ciro de Quadros and Dr. Neeraj Mistry, Managing Director of the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases, both contributed articles to the Huffington Post as a part of this effort, urging G8 member countries to prioritize prevention of diseases impacting those living in poverty around the world.

You can read the articles by clicking the links below.

Four Preventable Diseases G8 Leaders Should Keep in Mind by Dr. Ciro de Quadros

Elephantiasis, Snail Fever, Roundworm, More: Eliminating 7 Neglected Diseases that Affect World's Poorest by 2020 by Dr. Neeraj Mistry

We hope you’ll continue to help us spread the word and work to encourage members of the G8 to focus on preventing diseases of poverty by sharing these articles via email, social media and word of mouth.

Even better, you can now record your own video message to G8 leaders via thislink on the Huffington Post. So get out your webcam and share 10 seconds of your time with our world leaders!