The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Public Library of Science (PLoS) are launching a new initiative to support the latest WHO World Health Report by encouraging authors to submit articles that substantiate the WHO's message, that research is essential for better health. The articles will be published in a WHO/PLoS special collection. You can read more about the initiative below and on the PLoS Collections website.

World Health Report 2012: No Health Without Research

The World Health Report 2012, the biannual flagship report of the World Health Organization, will focus for the first time in its history on the theme of research for better health. Decisions on healthcare are still made without a solid grounding in research evidence, and an impetus is required for this state of affairs to change. Aimed at ministers of health, the report will provide new ideas, innovative thinking, and pragmatic advice on how to strengthen health research systems.

WHO and PLoS have launched an initiative to encourage researchers to complement and substantiate the key messages in World Health Report 2012 by creating a special WHO/PLoS Collection. We now invite the submission of papers to PLoS Medicine, especially from low- and middle-income countries, on topics related to strengthening of key functions and components of national health research systems. Submitted papers will be considered for PLoS Medicine or redirected to another PLoS journal as appropriate. Papers accepted for publication will then be considered by a joint WHO/PLoS panel for inclusion in this Collection.

To find out more about World Health Report 2012 and the call for papers read the joint editorial by WHO and the PLoS Medicine Editors and this post on the PLoS Medicine community blog, Speaking of Medicine, by Tikki Pang.

To submit your paper for consideration in the Collection, please send a presubmission inquiry to PLoS Medicine via our online submission site and note in your cover letter that the paper is intended for the WHO/PLoS Collection on World Health Report 2012: No Health Without Research. If you have queries about the Collection, contact the editors at

The World Health Report 2012 will focus on eight specific areas, discussed in the editorial, within the theme of 'No Health Without Research.' We highlight below some examples of articles previously published in PLoS journals in these specific areas of interest.