The 9th International Conference on Typhoid Fever and Invasive NTS Disease will be held April 30th-May 3rd in Bali, Indonesia. The event will bring together prominent clinicians, scientists, policy makers, and public health practitioners to share updates on research and public health agendas geared towards reducing the global burden of typhoid fever, invasive NTS Disease and other salmonelloses.

Conference Goals and Objectives:

  • To present scientific advancements related to salmonellosis epidemiology, clinical presentation, and diagnostics.
  • To provide updates on current preventive measures in salmonella control.
  • To report progress on typhoid, paratyphoid, and non-typhoidal salmonella vaccine development.
  • To strengthen linkages between researchers and policy makers in the public health arena.
  • To discuss the next steps in typhoid, paratyphoid, and non-typhoidal salmonella research.

Main Session Topics:

  • Research and Development: epidemiology, pathogenesis, microbiology, clinical presentation, diagnostics, vaccine and therapy development, and multi-drug resistance.
  • Disease Prevention: vaccination and other control measures. 

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Event Date: 
Thursday, April 30, 2015 to Sunday, May 3, 2015
Event Location: 
Bali, Indonesia
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