PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases

As part of his Blue Marble Health collection, Dr. Peter Hotez conceptualizes tthe current shift in thinking about global health.

"Thus the conceptual framework of Blue Marble Health highlights a shift in current thinking about global health.  Increasingly an approach that highlights stark contrasts between developing and developed countries may no longer ring true.  Instead major health disparities including NTDs, but possibly also other infections such as tuberculosis as well as non-communicable diseases (NCDs) disproportionately affect the poor living among the wealthy.  Having evolved from paradigms of International Health (in high-income countries assist lower-income countries) through Global Health (in which countries work together to address health issues that affect the global community), Blue Marble Health advances the understanding that wherever socioeconomic inequality is pervasive, neglected diseases and other conditions naively assumed to arise only in the context of national poverty will spread.  To address these problems, Blue Marble Health calls for attention to socioeconomic, as well as biomedical factors – whether in Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil and India, or in the US, Europe and Australia."

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