Forbes Magazine

Sabin board member Kevin Reilly is interviewed by Forbes Magazine on the development of vaccines for developing countries.  

"Personally, I’ve developed a deeper appreciation for the complexity involved in running successful immunization programs. From the point of view of the vaccine manufacturer, you focus on the specific activities needed to move a vaccine successfully through the stages of development, but the many challenges involved in delivering and distributing that vaccine in developing countries may be less obvious. Getting a vaccine successfully from the factory door to the arms of millions of children in low-resource settings—that’s an enormously complicated task. Increasingly, I see pharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturers engaging in the dialogue about strengthening immunization and distribution systems to ensure vaccines get to where they are needed. Vaccine manufacturers were among the key partners involved in the early conversations that led to the formation of the GAVI Alliance, for example. They could see that global immunization rates were stagnating and that something needed to be done."

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