The Lancet

The Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases is highlighted in an article that examines the Indian Government's ambitious plan to tackle lymphatic filariasis with a combination of high-profile campaigns and mass drug administration.

To eliminate lymphatic filariasis, a disabling and disfiguring neglected tropical disease (NTD) also known as elephantiasis, the Indian Government has launched a substantial public health initiative in which they will provide free prophylactic drugs to more than 400 million people in the form of mass drug administration (MDA) to entire communities. 

India's Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will launch a public service advertising campaign called Hathipaon Mukt Bharat (Filaria Free India). The campaign will include a film entitled Giant Footprints created by Sabin and implemented to encourage people to participate and take the preventive medicines to make India filaria free.


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