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This study reports the household willingness-to-pay for a hypothetical dengue vaccine in three dengue endemic countries; Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia. It was found that household demand is strongly related to price and income. It was also observed that more than half of the study populations are willing to pay for vaccines when price is lower than the median estimates reported here. This study may contribute to a more effective decision on dengue vaccine introduction and can inform prioritization of alternative health interventions at the national level.

"The rising tide of the Dengue Fever and its associated morbidities underscore the need for vaccines against dengue, but there continues to be a lack of economic assessment on dengue fever vaccines. Vaccines currently under development may significantly reduce the burden of disease. The three countries mentioned above are each candidates to become early adopters of future dengue vaccines."

"However, like many other low- and middle-income countries, these countries will face decisions on whether and how to incorporate new and potentially expensive vaccines within their budget-constrained national vaccination programs. Therefore, understanding the private economic benefits of potential dengue vaccines is necessary for accelerated introduction of vaccines into the public sector program and private markets of high-risk countries."


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