Gizmag reports on the Sabin Vaccine Institute's human hookworm vaccine and its progression through clinical trials in Brazil. 

"A clinical trial of a permanent vaccine for hookworm has been completed in Brazil, giving hope for a permanent end to a problem that affects 600 million people worldwide. US-based Sabin Vaccine Institute, which has developed the vaccine, has called hookworm "one of the most pervasive neglected tropical diseases (NTD) affecting the world’s poor."

Hookworms are aptly named for how nasty they are. The parasites mainly live in the small intestine, feeding from blood leached from the intestine walls they hook into. They can also live in the lungs. Some of the problems associated with a hookworm infection are anemia and nutritional deficiencies and a lack of protein and iron. Small children can suffer worse complications, such as stunted growth and slowed mental development."