The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) released a supplement to the scientific journal, Vaccine, which includes research that demonstrates the cost-effectiveness and public health impact of rotavirus vaccines through the ProVac initiative. The ProVac Initiative provides technical support to decision makers and strengthens national capacity to make evidence-based decisions in the context of new vaccine introduction. Sabin's own Executive Vice President, Dr. Jon Andrus, was a major contributor to the publication.

As a member of the ProVac IWG,  the Sabin Vaccine Institute has contributed to several country-level cost-effectiveness analyses (CEA) on vaccines such as rotavirus. Sabin is also developing and piloting a strategy to effectively communicate to stakeholders a guide that countries can rely on to provide informed, evidence-based decision making related to vaccine introduction.

The program "includes results from a series of studies that utilized the ProVac method and tools and projected that national rotavirus vaccination programs will be highly cost-effective and substantially reduce child illness and deaths due to rotavirus diarrhea."

"The results of this work suggest that: (1) there is great need and demand for technical support and for capacity building around economic evaluations; and (2) the ProVac method of supporting country-owned analyses is as effective in other regions as it has been in the PAHO region."


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