Dr. Peter Hotez, Sabin’s President, discusses his recently published paper on the neglected tropical diseases (NTD) worm index, NTDs in general, and his concept of ‘blue marble health’.
With regards to the “worm index”, Hotez notes that “what we noticed was a striking inverse association where as the HDI [Human Development Index] goes down, the worm index goes up, and vice versa. We thought that this was quite interesting, even though it does not prove cause-and-effect. I personally believe that the equation goes both ways, that as worms reinforce poverty, poverty also reinforces worms.”
Hotez describes ‘blue marble health’ as “a new global health paradigm suggesting that all economies are rising but that each one leaves behind a bottom segment of society that face similar disease burdens globally. It has to do with the fact that we’re starting to see neglected tropical diseases in wealthy countries, especially among the poor living among the wealthy.”