New York Times

The New York Times reports on a new study which reveals that 42 percent of Indian mothers are underweight. The article shares that intestinal parasites contribute to anemia and malnutrition in mothers -- an issue that Dr. Peter Hotez and Remko van Leeuwen are addressing through a human hookworm vaccine.  

"Mothers also suffer from the same sewage-borne infections that so often kill their babies, made endemic by the primitive sanitation in much of the country, Ms. Coffey said.

'It is likely that infectious disease is responsible for a signification portion of India’s pre-pregnancy underweight problem,' she said.
Dr. Shella Duggal, Juhi’s doctor at the mobile clinic, said that almost every pregnant woman she treats in her visits to Delhi’s slums is severely anemic. Parasites, spread by poor sanitation and dirty water, are a crucial reason, she said.
'So the first thing we do is deworm them and give them iron supplements,” Dr. Duggal said. “And then I tell them to eat.'"