WASHINGTON, DC, April 14, 2009 – The Sabin Vaccine Institute announced today that it has named Peter L. Thoren to its Board of Trustees. Mr. Thoren is Executive Vice President of Access Industries, a privately held, U.S.-based industrial group. He is active in numerous organizations focused on foreign policy and economics including the Center for National Policy, the Council on Foreign Relations, Business Executives for National Security, and The Economic Club of New York.

“We are extremely grateful that Peter has agreed to serve on the Sabin Board. Peter’s business background coupled with his dedicated interest in foreign policy and national security make him an excellent addition to our board as we work to lift people out of poverty by alleviating disease burden worldwide,” said Morton P. Hyman, Chairman of the Board, Sabin Vaccine Institute.

Founded in 1993, the Sabin Vaccine Institute is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to preventing and curing infectious and neglected tropical diseases across the globe, and eliminating the tremendous human suffering they cause. Led by Dr. Peter Hotez, President of Sabin and Distinguished Research Professor at the George Washington University School of Medicine, Sabin’s work is focused on developing treatments and vaccines for the world’s poor and establishing networks to ensure these treatments are effectively and efficiently delivered.

Before joining Access in 2001, Mr. Thoren held senior management positions with Salomon Inc and Walker Digital Corporation and practiced law at Rogers & Wells. Mr. Thoren also serves on the boards of the Center for National Policy, CIBAM at the Judge Business School (University of Cambridge), the US-Russia Business Council, and The Connecticut Appleseed Foundation and is a Fellow of the Foreign Policy Association.

“I am very proud to support Sabin’s visionary activities at a time when the world’s poor need our assistance more than ever. A nation’s ability to achieve its economic potential is intricately linked to the health and education of its citizens. Sabin’s work to prevent and treat diseases trapping people in underdeveloped countries in an endless cycle of poverty is critical to improving the well-being of millions of people and to protecting our own national security by promoting economic and social stability. It is also the right and moral thing to do. I very much look forward to being a member of Sabin’s exemplary board and to doing what I can to expand the Institute’s reach in the years ahead,” Thoren stated.

About Sabin Vaccine Institute
Sabin Vaccine Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to reducing human suffering from infectious and neglected diseases. Through its efforts in vaccine research, development and advocacy, Sabin works to provide greater access to vaccines and essential medicines for millions mired in pain, poverty and despair. Founded in 1993 in honor of Dr. Albert B. Sabin, discoverer of the oral polio vaccine, the Sabin Vaccine Institute works with prestigious institutions, scientists, medical professionals, and organizations to provide short and long-term solutions that result in healthier individuals, families and communities around the globe. www.sabin.org.