Chicago, IL—The Sabin Vaccine Institute is pleased to note that the Rotary Club of Chicago has presented Sabin Vice-President Dr. Ciro de Quadros with the Chesley Perry Award for Distinguished Humanitarian Service for global polio eradication.

Dr. de Quadros led the team responsible for developing a surveillance and response strategy to eliminate polio from the Americas. Based on the success of the polio eradication strategy, the World Health Organization (WHO) committed to the global eradication of polio.

Worldwide, polio has been eliminated in all but four countries: Afghanistan, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan. The Americas were declared free from polio in 1994, the Western Pacific region in 2000, and Europe in 2002.

“Ciro’s contributions to worldwide polio eradication efforts are immeasurable and he continues to be a defining advocate for polio eradication in the few places where the disease remains,” said Sabin President Dr. Peter Hotez. “All of us at Sabin congratulate Ciro on receiving this distinguished award. With the strong support of champions like Ciro, the eradication of polio can be achieved in the near future.”

The award presentation on February 23rd coincided with Rotary International’s 105th anniversary and a global call to “End Polio Now.” Landmarks around the world including, Chicago’s Wrigley Building; the Egyptian Pyramid of Khafre; Buenos Aires’ Obelisk; and the Taipei 101 building displayed an “End Polio Now” banner calling attention to the devastating effects of polio, a crippling disease that can be fatal and disproportionately affects children under the age of five.

In addition to Dr. de Quadros, notable figures in attendance for the award presentation and lighting ceremony included: Illinois Governor Pat Quinn; Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley; the Reverend Jesse Jackson, President of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition; James Galloway, U.S. Assistant Surgeon General; and Ed Futa, General Secretary of Rotary International.

Dr. Ciro de Quadros receives the Chesley Perry Award from Rotary International

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