Opening Session

Welcome and Introduction - Amy Finan

Opening Remarks - Natalia Zhukova

Introduction of Roger Glass Lecture - Gagandeep Kang

Fourth Roger Glass Lecture - Umesh Parashar

Session I: Global Burden of Rotavirus Disease

Global Burden of Disease study among children under 5 years - Christopher Troeger

Global Pediatric Diarrhea Surveillance network demonstrates what pathogens are associated with acute diarrhea in children - Adam Cohen

Etiology of diarrheal disease after rotavirus vaccine introduction - Karen Kotloff

The cost effectiveness of RV vaccination in Gavi countries - Frederic Debellut

Session II: Global Impact & Safety of rotavirus vaccines

Effectiveness of a monovalent vaccine on rotavirus-associated diarrheal disease hospitalization in Kenyan children - Sammy Khagayi

Effectiveness of monovalent Rotavirus Vaccine in the Philippines - Anna Lopez

Annual variation in direct and indirect effects and total impact of rotavirus vaccination among children in the US - Julia Baker

Intussusception surveillance in India - Gagandeep Kang

Rotavirus Vaccines and intussusception. What is the latest data? - Jacqueline Tate

Session III: Burden of rotavirus disease and impact in the European Region

Regional Update - Danni Daniels

EuroRotaNet update - Miren Iturriza-Gomara

Country Spotlight: Tajikistan - Anvar Nazurdinov

Country Spotlight: Germany - Judith Koch

Poster: Early results on impact of rotavirus vaccine in Uzbekistan - Renat Latipov

Session IV: Barriers and enablers to rotavirus vaccine introduction

Belarus - Irina Glinskaya

Estonia - Natalia Kerbo

Strict age limits for rotavirus vaccination: experience from Norway - Terese Bekkevold

Montenegro - Senad Begic

Session V: Advances in rotavirus immunology & virology

New insights regarding humoral immunity to human rotaviruses - Harry Greenberg

Susceptibility to rotavirus infections - Mary Estes

Rotavirus vaccines and the micro biome - Vanessa Harris

Poster: Non-secretor Histo-blood Group Antigen Phenotype Does Not Impair Susceptibility To Infection With Rotarix Vaccine Among Infants In Bangladesh - Benjamin Lee

Session VI: Current rotavirus vaccines in routine immunization

RotaTeq (Pentavalent human-bovine (WC3) rotavirus vaccine) - An update - Ritapurna Das

The benefits of rotavirus vaccination with human rotavirus vaccine; lessons learned from impact data 2006-2017 - Bernd Benninghoff

ROTAVAC – Product Development and Programmatic Implementation - Sai Prasad

Updates on ROTASILL development - Sajjad Desai

Session VII: Innovative vaccine approaches for rotavirus

Phase 2 immune responses of a subunit rotavirus vaccine - Michelle Groome

RV3-BB vaccine protects against severe, very severe and all-severity rotavirus disease from birth - Julie Bines

An oral, live attenuated, pentavalent (G1-G4 and P1[8]), Heat-Stable Rotavirus Vaccine (HSRV) presented in a single container/closure delivery device - Davinder Gill

Development of a VP6 subunit rotavirus vaccine - Vesna Blazevic

Recent advances in inactivated rotavirus vaccine development - Baoming Jiang

Development of the RV3-BB vaccine at Biofarma - Erman Tritama

Session VIII: Ruth Bishop Lecture

Introduction of Ruth Bishop Lecture - Julie Bines

Ruth Bishop Keynote Lecture - Ulrich Desselberger

Session IX: Poster Highlights

Household transmission of rotavirus in Malawian children with acute gastroenteritis is associated with disease severity - Aisleen Bennett

Neonatal rotavirus infection and impact on rotavirus vaccine immune response - Sudhir Babji

Rotavirus vaccine take in infants predicted by secretor status - George Armah

Modulation of neonatal rotavirus infection by human mild oligosaccharides, milk microbiome and infant gut microbiome - Sasirekha Ramani

Session X: Innovative strategies to increase impact

Total Systems Effectiveness (TSE) Pilot: developing the country use case using rotavirus vaccines as a case study - Birgitte Giersing

Novel Primary Containers/ Delivery Devices - Darin Zehrung

User empowerment initiatives to address coverage gaps - Lora Shimp

Alternative immunization schedules / risk benefit - Carl Kirkwood

Session XI: Vaccine economics & financing

Cost-effectiveness and benefit-risk of rotavirus vaccination 21 Middle Income Countries in the European Region - John Farrow

The cost effectiveness of RV vaccination in Ghana - Justice Nonvignon

The cost effectiveness of RV vaccination in Mongolia - Luvsan Munkh-Erdene

Achievements of financial sustainability of the immunization program in countries that are leaving GAVI support - Vladimir Getia

How to “Boost” Introduction of Vaccines into Routine Immunization Programs: implications of procurement approaches on program costs - Gideon Chelule

Session XII: Remaining programmatic challenges for the implementation of rotavirus vaccines

Interchangeability of RVV products - Daniel Payne

Making sure rota virus vaccines actually get delivered to those who need them most - Craig Burgess

Addressing vaccine hesitancy and reaching vulnerable populations: Lessons from the Tailoring Immunization Programs approach - Sanjin Musa

Rotavirus vaccine impact beyond preventing diarrhea - Samir Saha

Closing Message - Mathuram Santosham