About Us

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Sabin is committed to furthering diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism within our organization, partners and programs.

On June 6, 2020, the Sabin Vaccine Institute released a commitment to anti-racism statement, in which we condemned racism in all its forms and set a new anti-racist standard for ourselves as an organization and as leaders. This was just the long-awaited beginning of our commitment to DEI.

The weeks that followed were filled by listening to staff and developing an action plan that officially kick started our organization-wide dedication to improving diversity, equity and inclusion. We not only focused on the internal components by examining our company culture, but centered our plan around every aspect of our work, from partnerships and programs to our position of power as leaders and conveners within the larger vaccine ecosystem.

The work continues. These initial efforts were just the spark that has cascaded into our daily DEI work as individuals and as an organization. We continue to challenge ourselves to acknowledge the detrimental impact racism, colonialism and white supremacy continues to play in our lives and across the globe, especially as it relates to equitable development and access to vaccines.

We know that equality cannot be achieved overnight, but we are prepared to lean on external experts and bring forward Black and other marginalized voices most affected by these systems of oppression, to hold ourselves accountable to our staff, Board of Trustees, supporters and the communities we serve.

Our Action Plan