Session I – Setting the context: Adolescent health

Welcome and introductions - Bruce Gellin

Adolescent perspective, priorities and interventions; Accelerated Action for the Health of Adolescents (AA-HA!) - Sonja Caffe

Session II – Regional overview of adolescent health services

Country spotlight: Brazil - Carla Domingues

Country spotlight: Chile - Jorge Gaete

Country spotlight: Ecuador - Greta Munoz

Country spotlight: Guyana - Oneka Scott

Session III –  Immunization in the context of adolescent health

Adolescent delivery system: How can the system be organized and strengthened? - Veronica Gaete

Opportunities and challenges of establishing an adolescent immunization platform - Renato Kfouri

School-based platforms: Place for health education and intervention - Isabella Ballalai

School-based interventions in the Dominican Republic - Enrique Mateo

EPI planning - Andrea Uboldi

Session IV – Breakout session: Integrating immunization into an adolescent health system

Overview - Nathalia Katz

Country spotlight: Argentina - Devora Flores

Group work: Challenges, opportunities and ways forward

Session V – HPV as an illustrative case of adolescent immunization challenges and opportunities - 

Overview - Lucia De Oliveira

Panel particpants:

Maria Tereza_da Costa

Katerine Bach Habersaat

Karen Lewis Bell

Carla Domingues

Geneva Philips

Session VI –  Advocacy, promotion and communication across the spectrum of adolescence

Communication strategies: Effective messaging and campaigns - Ricardo Machado

Social media as a tool - Ana Maria Morales

Understanding and monitoring vaccine hesitancy and acceptance - Katerine Bach Habersaat

Voces Ciudadanas - Pilar Collantes

Session VII – Implementation guidance

Overview of implementation guidance

Session VIII – Summary and closing remarks